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Mabel My beautiful one Girl
Mac Son of Boy
Macaria Blessed Girl
Macario Happy Boy
Macayle Form of Michaela Girl
Mackenzie Form of Kenneth Girl
Mackinzie Son of Kenneth Both
Macy Enduring Girl
Mada The end of the path Girl
Maddox Son of the lord Both
Maddy From Madeline Girl
Madeleine From the name Madeline Girl
Madelia High tower Girl
Madeline High tower Girl
Madelyn high tower Girl
Madison Son of Matthew Both
Madonna My lady  Girl
Madra From the name Madonna Girl
Madrona Mother Girl
Mae From the name Mary Girl
Maegan Pearl Girl
Maemi Honest child Both
Maeryn Bitter Both
Magan Pearl Both
Magdalen High tower Girl
Magee Son of Hugh Boy
Maggie Pearl Girl
Magnolia From the flower Girl
Mahina Moon Girl
Mahon Bear Boy
Mahsa Like the moon Girl
Maida High tower Girl
Maili Bitter Girl
Maina Bird Girl
Mairi Gaelic for Mary and sea of bitterness Girl
Maisha Life Girl
Maisie Pearl Girl
Maja Splendid Girl
Makaila Who is like god Girl
Makala Shrub Girl
Makalo Wondering Boy
Makana Gift Girl
Makani The wind Both
Makara Born under Capricorn Girl
Makayla Who is like God? Girl
Makelina From Magdelene Girl
Makenna From McKenna Girl
Malachi My Messenger Boy
Malaika Angel Girl
Malana Light Girl
Malaya Free Girl
Malcolm Follower of St. Columbus Boy
Maleah Bitter Girl
Malha Queen Girl
Mali Flower Girl
Malia Calm and peaceful Girl
Malika Industrious Girl
Malina Tower and soothing Girl
Malinda Honey Girl
Malise Black and dark Girl
Malissa Honey bee Girl
Malloren Laurel of bad luck Girl
Mallorie Omened Girl
Mallory Omened Girl
Malory Bad luck Both
Malvina Chief Girl
Manasa Mind Girl
Manda River Girl
Mandana Everlasting Girl
Mandara Calm Girl
Mandel Almond Both
Mandell Almond Both
Mandisa Sweet Girl
Mandy Worthy of love Girl
Manning Son of Man Both
Manny Short of Manuel Both
Manton From Mann's estate Boy
Manuel God in us Boy
Manuela God is with us Girl
Mara Bitter sea Girl
Maralah Born during an earthquake Girl
Marc War like Boy
Marcel Young warrior Boy
Marcell War like Boy
Marcella Young warrior Girl
Marcello Young warrior Boy
Marcellus Young warrior Boy
Marcena Martial Girl
Marci Martial Girl
Marcia Brave Girl
Marcie War like Girl
Marco From the name Marc Boy
Marcus War like Boy
Marcy Martial Girl
Mardea Last Girl
Mardi Tuesday Girl
Maree From Mary or Marie Girl
Marek War like Both
Maren Of the sea Girl
Marenda Admirable Girl
Margaret A pearl Girl
Margarita A pearl Girl
Marge Pearl Girl
Margie Pearl Girl
Margo Pearl Girl
Margot Pearl Girl
Marguerite Pearl Girl
Mari Wished for child Girl
Maria Bitter sea Girl
Mariah Bitter and God is my teacher Girl
Mariam Wished for child Girl
Marian From Mary and Ann Girl
Mariana Combination of Mary and Anna Girl
Marianne From the name Mary and Anna Girl
Maribel Bitter and consecrated to God Girl
Maribeth Bitter sea and house of God Girl
Marie Bitter sea Girl
Mariel Bitter sea Girl
Marietta Little bitter Girl
Mariette Little bitter Girl
Marika Bitter Girl
Marilee Combination of Mary and Lee Girl
Marilu From Mary and Lucille Girl
Marilyn Descendants of Mary Girl
Marina From the sea Girl
Mario War like Boy
Marion From the name Mary and Anna Both
Marisa Of the sea Girl
Marisela From the sea Girl
Mariska Of the sea Girl
Marissa Of the sea Girl
Marja Sadness from the sea Girl
Marjean Coral and Gracious Girl
Marjorie Pearl Girl
Mark War like Boy
Markku Rebellious Both
Marla High tower Girl
Marlene From the name Marilyn Girl
Marlin Bitter Both
Marlo Mary Girl
Marlon Wild falcon Boy
Marlow Slope by the pond Both
Marly From the name Marilyn Girl
Marnina Rejoice Girl
Marsha Form of Marcia Girl
Marshall Horse keeper Boy
Marta From the name Martha Girl
Martha Lady Girl
Martin War like Boy
Martina Who loves everyone and war like Girl
Marty War like Boy
Marv Friend of the sea Boy
Marva Marvelous Girl
Marvela Marvelous Girl
Marvin Friend of the sea Boy
Mary Bitter Girl
Mashaka Trouble Both
Mason Stone worker Both
Matana Blessing Girl
Mateja Gift of God Girl
Mateo Devoted to God Boy
Matthew God's gift Boy
Mattox God's gift Both
Matty strong fighter Both
Mauli Black Both
Maura Dark Girl
Maureen Dark Girl
Maurice Moor and dark skinned Boy
Mauro Of brown skin Boy
Maverick Wildly independent Both
Mavis The thrush Girl
Max Greatest Boy
Maxim Greatest Boy
Maxima Miracle worker Girl
Maxine Greatest Girl
Maxwell Great spring Boy
May From Mary and bitter heart Girl
Maya Mother Girl
Mayda Maiden Girl
Mayes A field Both
Maylin Great waterfall Girl
Maynard Powerful and brave Boy
Mayten Born on the 10th of May Girl
Mckale Who is like God? Both
Mea Mine Girl
Meagan Pearl Girl
Meaghan A pearl Girl
Meara Filled with mirth Girl
Meda Prophet Girl
Medea Prophet Girl
Meg Pearl Girl
Megan Soft and gentle Girl
Meghan Pearl Girl
Meira Light Girl
Mel Mill worker Both
Melaney Dark Girl
Melania Dark skinned Girl
Melanie Dark skinned Girl
Melba Thin skinned Girl
Melia Flatterer and industrious Girl
Melina Bright yellow Girl
Melinda Honey Girl
Meliora Bitter Girl
Melissa A honey bee Girl
Melita Form of Melissa Girl
Melodie Song and Melody Girl
Melody Song like Girl
Melora Combination of Melissa and Lora Girl
Melosa Sweet like Girl
Melvin Mill worker Boy
Melvyn Mill worker Boy
Mendel Scholarly accomplishments Boy
Mercedes Merciful Girl
Meredith Protector from the sea Both
Meriel Shining sea Girl
Merle Falcon Boy
Merlin By the sea Boy
Merric Ruler of the sea Boy
Merrill Falcon Both
Merry From the name Meredith or Happy Girl
Merv Loves the sea Boy
Mervin Loves the sea Boy
Meryl Falcon Both
Meryle From the name Merle Both
Messina The spoiler Both
Metea Gentle Girl
Metta Margareta pearl Girl
Mia Flowers Girl
Miakoda Power of the moon Girl
Micah Who is like God Boy
Michael Who is like God? Boy
Michaela Feminine form of Michael Girl
Michal Brook Both
Micheal Form of Michael Both
Michel Form of Michael Boy
Michele From the name Michael Girl
Michelle Who is like God? Girl
Michon Who is like God Both
Mick From the name Michael Boy
Mickey From the name Michael Both
Mieko Already prosperous Girl
Miette Small sweet thing Girl
Miguel Who is like God? Boy
Mika Wise little raccoon Both
Mikaili God like Both
Mike Who is like God? Boy
Mikel Who is like God? Boy
Mikhail From the name Michael Boy
Miki Flower stalk Girl
Mikkel Who is like God? Both
Mikko Who is like God? Boy
Milagro Miracle Boy
Milan From the city of Milan Both
Mildred Mild strength Girl
Miles Soldier Boy
Mili Virtuous? Girl
Miliani Gentle caress Girl
Milica Ruler Girl
Milla Industrious Girl
Miller Mill worker Both
Millie From the name Mildred Girl
Mills Near the mills Both
Milly From the name Mildred Girl
Milo From the name Miles Boy
Milton From the mill town Boy
Minda Knowledge Girl
Mindy Honey Girl
Mingan Grey wolf Boy
Miniya Much expected of her Girl
Minnie Bitter Girl
Minty Collector of thoughts Both
Minya Older sister Girl
Mira Behold and admirable Girl
Mirabel Of uncommon beauty Girl
Mirabelle Of wondrous beauty Girl
Miranda Admirable and beautiful Girl
Mirelle God has spoken Girl
Mirella Jehovah spoke Girl
Mireya God has spoken Girl
Miriam Strong willed and wished for Girl
Mirielle She is bitter Girl
Mirra Behold and admirable Girl
Misha From the name Michael Both
Missy Form of Melissa Girl
Misty Covered with mist or dew Girl
Mitch Who is like God? Boy
Mitchell Who is like God? Boy
Miya Sacred house Girl
Miyanda Roots Girl
Miyo Beautiful child Girl
Miyoko Beautiful child Girl
Mizell Tiny gnat Both
Moana Ocean Girl
Moanna Ocean Girl
Moe Dark skinned Boy
Molly Bitter Girl
Mona Royal Girl
Monahan Religious man Both
Monet Solitary Both
Monica Advisor Girl
Monique Advisor Girl
Monisha Solitary life Girl
Monita Noble Girl
Monroe Near the river Roe Both
Montague Sharp cliff Boy
Monte From the name Montgomery Boy
Montego Mountainous Boy
Monty From the name Montgomery Boy
Mora Sweet betty Girl
Morela Brunette Girl
Morgan The edge of the sea Both
Morgana Seashore Girl
Moriah God is my teacher Girl
Morley Of the moor Both
Morna Affection and beloved Girl
Morrie Moor Boy
Morris Dark skinned Boy
Morrisa Dark one Girl
Morton From the town near the moor Boy
Morty From the name Mortimer Boy
Moses Drawn out of the water Boy
Moss From the water Boy
Mulan Magnolia blossom Girl
Mura Village Girl
Muriel From the name Merle Girl
Murphy Sea warrior Both
Murray Sailor Both
Mya Emerald Girl
Myeisha One who is loved greatly Girl
Myles Soldier Both
Myra From the name Miranda Girl
Myrilla Wonderful Girl
Myrna Beloved Girl Girl
Myron Fragrant balm Boy
Myrtle The tree and victory Girl






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