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You can name your kitten
You can name your cow
You can name your puppy

But the question is how?

How do you think of
A really good name?
Do you write it on paper?
Or on a picture frame?

Naming an animal
Is lots of fun
But naming a baby
Is so specially done!

For babies grow up
And don’t stay small
Every day children
Grow oh so tall!

They go to school
They go to soccer games
And everyone knows them
By their special names.

Mommies and Daddies
Take lots of time … and lots of love
To name their babies
Sent from God up above.

So remember when you hear
Your very own name
It was given to you
For there is no one the same…

No one at all,
Is quite like you
You're a special gift from God
And He loves you too!

Copyright 2005
Karen A. Lech, Author

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Special Baby Names Poem
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